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CakeIsland | PvP / Raid World & Survival No-Grief World Minecraft Server, Public Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server List With Votifier Support

♕ CakeIsland | PvP / Raid World & Survival No-Grief World ip: ♕

[NOTE] If PvP/Raid is not your cup of tea, we've got a Survival world with no grief and factions disabled!

We are a small server with mcMMO, Factions, and many other plugins to enhance your gameplay. We are well-run by a team of active staff who are always there to help you with any of your server-related needs, and our stable community lies at the heart of our website (which you should really consider registering on!). So, if you want to join a small, friendly server with the opportunity for you to dominate and be the best faction, CakeIsland is the place for you!

When you log in, there are two things you can do. Create your own faction or join an existing faction. You can then explore the spawn if you want, and check out the market and spend your starting in-game money ($250).

There are various things you can buy at our shop. Donating helps the server grow and all donations go to help funding the server and website! Our shop can be found in the "Shop" page on our website.


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